Terms and Conditions

PLEASE DO NOT BOOK travel arrangements/accommodation until your course has been confirmed by email. DLE English will not be responsible or liable for any costs incurred.

New bookings require a one-off Registration Fee of £65.00. This payment is required BEFORE course email confirmation and invoice are sent.

Courses and host family searches:

Details regarding DLE English courses are available on this website. Please contact us if you have any further questions. Please note that courses are subject to availability. We require a minimum of:

  • three weeks’ notice for new bookings from June to the end of August.
  • two weeks’ notice for bookings from September to end of May.

Please note that the DLE English booking form includes extras bookings, including a host family search fee £70 and host family fee for duration of the course. Any transfers and any additional charges for activities/day trips if required will be added. Please complete booking form as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Upon receipt of booking form/additional requests (e.g. Host family search/transfer/day trips) charges are non-refundable.


A confirmation email of all requests and invoice will be sent.

A deposit of £250.00 is due two weeks from date of invoice. The remaining balance, as shown on the invoice, is due no later than THREE WEEKS before the course start date. A late payment of £45.00 will apply.

If the balance IS NOT paid two weeks before the course start date, DLE English has the right to cancel the whole booking (including host family/activities etc).

An emailed welcome pack/handbook will be sent upon receipt of outstanding balance of payment.

Payment made via BACS payment. Please make sure your bank allows enough time for payment to clear.

Important information: Payment for courses

Payment details for DLE English will be provided in course confirmation/invoice email.

All courses must be paid in U.K. Pounds (£) only.

Bank charges

DLE English is not responsible for any bank charges/currency exchange charges.

Payment made via BACS payment: Please make sure your bank allows enough time for payment to clear. A late payments fee of £45.00 will be applied.

Please refer to DLE English invoice for bank details.

Visa/passport/travel documents

If you require a visa, please contact your nearest British Embassy, High Commissioner British Consulate for details. Please ensure this is requested with sufficient time before the start date of the course booked.

Please note DLE English is not responsible if a student’s visa/expiry date etc is not valid. It is the student’s/student’s family, responsibility to ensure all documents e.g. visa/passport/travel insurance/medical insurance are current and correct.

If a student is unable to travel or attend due to incorrect documents, the cost of the course and host family are non-refundable. If a student is unable to enter the UK due to incorrect travel documents, it is the responsibility of the student/student’s family to rebook alternative travel arrangements. However, if a student is not allowed access due to border control rules/legislation, DLE English will cooperate with Border control agency if required.

Travel and health insurance

We strongly recommend students have their own travel insurance, which should cover loss of passport, valuables, currency, flight cancellation and health insurance.

Please refer to DLE English handbook/welcome pack for information regarding details of health cover for European citizens and non-European citizens.

New changes: courses

DLE English holds the right to cancel/modify any booked courses due to circumstances beyond our control; however, DLE English will try to match and/or offer alternative courses.

Expectation of behaviour in and outside the classroom (including host family)

DLE has a zero-tolerance policy for unacceptable behaviour.

The Director of DLE English holds the right to remove any student(s) from the course/activities/host family if unacceptable behaviour occurs. This includes:

  • possession/consumption of alcohol and drugs or other illegal activity.
  • Damage to course centre/host family/activity environments.

If unreasonable behaviour relates to other students/host family/members of the public, an investigation will be conducted, however the person/persons related to the incident risk being excluded immediately and informed they have to return to their home country immediately. In this case, no refund will be given and any additional charges -transport/accommodation and flight will be the responsibility of the student family/student.

Summary of payment dates

  1. Contact us to find the availability of courses/accommodation/activities/two city stay centre.
  2. DLE English reply within 48 hours with details of how to register, including payment details. The £65.00 Registration Fee is due immediately. This one-off fee registers the student for all future DLE English courses.
  3. When registration is completed and the Registration Fee paid, we send a confirmation email for the course, an invoice for the total cost of the trip and the Terms and Conditions document. A £250 deposit is due two weeks after the invoice has been sent.
  4. The final balance due three weeks before the start date of the course. If the balance IS NOT paid three weeks DLE English have the right to cancel.
  5. Upon receipt of payment / welcome pack/course centre details/host family details will be sent.